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Projects help you save time and virtually team up with your colleagues,
from product discovery all the way to documentation

Want to print Project 101?

Download Project 101 PDF

Let’s follow Adelaide and her studio at Monarch as they select products
and materials for Lefty Technologies HQ.

Adelaide leads the charge and begins searching for lounge seating ...

She opens to products she likes, for example, SERACS,
and clicks the “Add to Project” button.

On the Add to Project Page, she starts typing the name of the project she previously created: L E F T …

She adds a few helpful Sub-Folders, such as, “Quick Ship” and “$$$$” just to help keep better track of products within the project.

Then she clicks the “Submit” button.

She lands back on the SERACS product page with a quick confirmation message
flashing at the bottom. She clicks the project name inside the confirmation
message to jump into the Lefty project.

Now inside the project folder, the first thing she does is click the "Download Img" icon on the Action Bar so she can quickly download and drag all of her product images into Photoshop.

A ZIP folder containing all the product photos downloads. No more 500+ character
long file names. As she opens into the ZIP folder, she's thrilled to see that each file
is automatically numbered and named correctly so the photos are in fact
immediately actionable.

Next up for Adelaide, she needs to order all of her samples. She clicks the "Request Samples" icon on the Action Bar.

She selects the brands and/or products, indicates her sales reps, and sends all of
her requests out to the corresponding vendors in just a few seconds.

Almost done with a day’s work, she wants to print out the Quick Ship Furniture to
share at her morning studio meeting the next day.

She filters by "Furniture" under Categories and "Quick Ship" under Sub-Folders, clicks the "Export" icon on the Action Bar and Selects "Simple 1" from the Simple PDF menu.

Before she can even count to three, Adelaide is looking at her multi-page
Simple PDF feeling like a rock-star for her morning meeting.

Want to print Project 102?

Download Project 102 PDF

Adelaide shares her progress with Ryan and Sebastian at the morning’s studio meeting, and together they decide on Alcove Highback Sofa for the lounge seating in Lefty Technologies HQ.

Sebastian is the furniture specifications expert so Adelaide asks him to tag team in
for this next phase.

Since everyone in the firm can view all of the firm’s projects, Sebastian immediately
goes to work on the same project folder. He finds Alcove Highback Sofa and
clicks the “Edit” icon for that specific product.

When saving a product to a project, by default the product is marked as evaluated and the page is simplified and collapsed. Upon changing the product's status to either proposed or approved or specified or installed, the page will expand allowing you to fill in complete specification details. Learn more in our FAQ.

He changes the status from “Evaluated” to “Specified” and now the page expands allowing him to fill in a lot more information. More Info

He fills in “CL01” as the Code, selects his sales rep, and fills in the Description. He uses
the image caption to indicate the product is “Lounge Seating.”

Next, he clicks the “+Attribute” button to start detailing information.
“Location: Refer to Floor Plans.”

He drops in a Divider (kind of like a sub-header) reading “Dimensions” and then
more attributes: “Width: 33 in; Height: 52 ¾ in; Length: 49 ¾ in.

One more Divider reading “Finishes” and then some final attributes: “Legs - Body: Polished Chrome; Legs - Base: Satin Brass.”

Continuing with finishes, he clicks the “+Nested Product” button and starts typing
the name of the upholstery product he’s using: “Blazer”.

After selecting the product from the autocomplete, he clicks the Edit link and
fills in F1 as the code, selects his sales rep, and assigns an attribute, Colorway:
“CUZ26_Knightsbridge”. He uses the Image Caption to indicate this Upholstery
is for the “Back.” Sebastian does this again with a second nested product, now
for F2, which is going to be the “Seat” upholstery.

Lastly, because the team is customizing the Legs, Sebastian uploads an image detail
so there’s absolutely no confusion.

Sebastian saves his updates and continues developing furniture specifications
for additional products. Once done for the day, he checks off those products
he's completed and exports the "Fullest PDF" to review his work.

He sends the Fullest PDF to Ryan and Adelaide updating them on his progress.

Want to print Project 103?

Download Project 103 PDF

After a week of continued work, Adelaide, Ryan and Sebastian have decided on nearly all of the products in Lefty Technologies HQ, and they’ve nearly completed developing their furniture package on Designer Pages PRO.

Ryan sends Adelaide and Sebastian the go ahead to issue the documents to the client
and dealer. Adelaide and Sebastian celebrate with a special “I just finished my furniture
specifications” dance beside their desks as they click the “More” drop-down, select the
“Project Status” option and indicate that the project is “Issued” with the appropriate
date stamp. Sebastian exports the Fullest PDF, hands off to Adelaide, and Adelaide emails
the file to the client and dealer.

Not even 2 minutes have passed before they receive an email response from the client explaining that they’ve changed their mind regarding the upholstery for Alcove Highback Sofa. Something about their budgets changing and they need cheaper upholstery.

Adelaide and Sebastian rush back to their project folder and click into the “Proposed” tab to comb over the other upholstery options that were being considered earlier.

What if Sebastian needed to update the same upholstery across many products in the project? Learn how to do this fastest in our FAQ.

Upon landing on a good alternative, Ryan gives the nod, so Sebastian clicks the “Edit”
icon for Alcove Highback Sofa, removes the upholstery that’s currently selected,
and assigns the new upholstery to the product. More Info

At the upper right corner of the page, Sebastian clicks the “Text Color” button to
change the Upholstery Product Name and Brand Name to red. This way recipients
viewing the new export can easily detect the updates.

Sebastian again updates the Project Status, now to read Reissued. Then he
re-exports the Fullest PDF and emails to the client and dealer.

Not even 1 minute has passed before they receive an email response from the
client explaining that they need to have a sense of where products are located
detailed within the furniture package.

Sebastian rushes back to his desk again and clicks “Edit” for the first specified
product. At the bottom of the page, Sebastian clicks the “+Room(s)” button
and types “Private Office #1.” He clicks the “+Room(s)” button again and types
“Private Office #11”. Then he clicks the “Submit” button to save his updates,
and does the same thing for each of the other specified products.

Sebastian updates the Project Status to Reissued #2, re-exports the Fullest
PDF and emails to the client and dealer.

Not even 30 seconds have passed before they receive an email response from the
client explaining that they’re ready to begin working on their next office
immediately – Righty Technologies HQ – and will need initial furniture
specifications within a week.

Sebastian rushes back to his desk. First, he creates a new project and calls it "Righty Technological HQ". He then returns to the "Lefty Technologies HQ", selects the products he wants to copy, and clicks on the "Copy to..." icon on the Action Bar, selecting the "Other Project" option. He types in "Right Technologies HQ" and clicks submit to copy the products to the new project.

All of the products with their specification information are copied into the new project.

Thinking to himself that he’s now a few days ahead of schedule, Sebastian decides to begin cocktail hour a bit earlier that day.

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