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Plans & Pricing

Designer Pages PRO is subscription-based; pricing varies based on the number of users within your firm, the number of vendors you wish to manage, and the number of active projects in your system.

Flexible Monthly Packages

We're not your typical subscription service that pushes you into oversized account buckets for 100 users when your firm only has 10 people and the option below 100 is 5 users. We much prefer that the pricing reflects your actual needs. Feel free to change the number 10 to whatever works best for your firm, and the pricing will update accordingly.

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Some Questions People Ask Us

Is there a free plan or are there any special rates?

There's no free plan for Designer Pages PRO; sorry! However, you can register for Designer Pages as a BASIC free user. Designer Pages PRO is free during your 30-day trial period.

Discounted pricing is available for members of our association partners. For special pricing for schools, please contact

What happens when my trial ends?

If your trial ends before you choose a plan, your account will freeze. Your data will remain intact, though inaccessible until you setup payment processing.

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