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Finding Products

Can I browse all brands by category?

Yes! Super easy. In the header bar, click Brands A-Z. In the upper right corner, there is a "Categories" drop-down to scope the list of brands by parent category.


What if I can't find a product in the system and I need it for a project?

We are constantly identifying new brands and products to list on the site. Today, there are 250,000+ products representing 8,500+ brands. But we know that's not everything.

Say hello to Product Stubs, which is a feature that allows you as a user to essentially create a placeholder. Look to the right of the global search field in the black bar at the top of the page. Click the upward "Arrow" icon and you will land on the "Create Product Stub" page. Fill in the fields as prompted and click the "Create Stub" button at the bottom. Abracadabra. You now have yourself a product stub.

For your information, upon your creating a Product Stub (only if it's a Standard Product, not a Custom Product), our content team will reach out to the corresponding brand and invite them to take over the product stub, fill in complete product information, and upload the rest of their products.

Thank you for helping us grow and better serve the needs of the design industry.

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