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As a Super User, how do I make someone else Super?

Super Users, look to your "Firm Nav" drop-down in the upper right corner of the screen within the black header bar. Select the "Users" option from the Super User Panel and you land on a page that allows you to modify user access and levels. The list is alpha tabulated so find the user you want to modify. Under the User Level column, you will see a button reading Regular. Click that button and it will make the user Super.

How do I delete users in my firm?

User accounts can only be deactivated and cannot be deleted. As a Super User, you have access to the firm's User Page. Once on the User Page, identify the specific user row and click the corresponding "Activated" button. The status next to the button with turn from green to red to confirm that this user has been deactivated.

What are Super Users?

Super Users are administrative users of Designer Pages PRO, and have access to firm wide account management features that are not accessible to normal users of the site within a firm. A Super User is able to update firm branding information, update user accounts, modify PDF export templates, and customize how information will load into products as they are selected and added to projects.

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