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Product selection reinvented.
Organized. Simple. Totally Sweet.

Find the perfect products. Create and archive your projects. Curate product collections. Manage vendor relationships. All with a swipe and a click.

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Projects help you work smarter.

Simply add products you’re evaluating to Projects, where the selection process gets social. Hello, timesaver. You’re a second away from exporting presentation-ready multipage PDFs and more.

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Keep track of things you like with Collections.

Whether it's Tiny Tables or High-back Sofas, why start from the very beginning each time? Add products to Collections to keep products you work with often just a click away. Colleagues within your firm can see your Collections, and you can see their Collections.

Manage vendor relationships accurately.

No doubt you deal with many multi-line reps that service some brands in your area, while they don't service other brands in your area. Your typical contact database (e.g. Outlook) can't make sense of these types of relationships, but we can! Our vendor directory is kinda like Outlook on steroids.

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Photo Spark

The Photo Spark tool lets designers document and share those inspirational photos that help jump-start the design process. It’s like Pinterest meets Instagram but locked down to members of your firm.

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Case Study:
Projects in Action

Learn how FXFOWLE Architects leverages Project Folders on Designer Pages PRO.

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PRO Benefits

Save your designers time.
Socialize the product selection process.
Better understand your firm’s specifying behaviors.
Digitally archive project spec books.
Help us help the design industry.
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