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Sync Projects with Revit

Push and pull information with just a click.

Sync specification data instantly with Revit.

Connect to all of your projects in Designer Pages PRO and pair up products with Families in Revit.
Products and Families with the same Code/Tag and Typemark will match up right away.

No more manually creating Materials in Revit.

Bulk import Materials from Designer Pages PRO to Revit in seconds. Then assign Materials to surfaces in Revit and
complete Finish Schedules in a fraction of the time.

Instantly pull Room Names and Product Quantities
from Revit.

Place your Revit Families in your model and sync Room Names and Quantities back to Designer Pages PRO for your FFE Packages.

Customize what data you want to sync.

Select the specific product data and attributes you want to share between Designer Pages PRO and Revit.
You can even auto-create and populate parameters in Revit that do not already exist.

Turn-key networking of designers within your firm
Immediate virtual teaming tools
Unlimited archiving
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