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Syncing DP PRO with Revit

How does DP Sync work with my Revit model?

DP Sync allows users to bi-directionally sync product specification data between Designer Pages PRO and Revit. An overview of the plugin can be found below.

Where can I download DP Sync for Revit?

The most current version of DP Sync is version 3.4.0. You can download DP Sync here. Make sure you are logged into Designer Pages PRO to download.


What versions of Revit does DP Sync support?

DP Sync currently works with full versions of Revit 2016-2020. Revit LT does not support any third-party plugins and is therefore not compatible with DP Sync.


Where can I find my User Token?

The DP Sync user token can be found on the user settings screen. You can get to this by clicking on your initials/profile photo in the top right corner and selecting the "settings" option from the menu. You can access that menu directly here. Make sure you are logged into Designer Pages PRO to get access.

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