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How do I edit specs?

How do I customize the name of a specification or brand in my project?

Can I create an upholstery option to then quickly apply to many specifications?

What does it mean to "Manage Quantities with Rooms?"

What does it mean to “Manage Quantities with Rooms”?

Created by Designer Pages, Rooms is a unique and user-friendly way to manage product quantity. Simply select the “Edit Spec” page, then enter the quantity of the particular product that will live inside the room. You may also name and number the Room in order to help organize and manage your project.

Can I create an upholstery option to then quickly apply to many specifications in my project?

Add the selected upholstery to the project (just as you would any other specification). Click the "Edit" button for the upholstery - the bluest pencil icon - and on the next page, detail the specification details for the upholstery, such as Code/ Tag, Sales Rep, Notes, and any relevant Attributes (e.g. Colorway).

Now go back to "Edit" the furniture specification in your project. Look for the "+ Nested Specification" section and click the folder-icon that is right aligned inside the text field. This tells the system that you want to select a defined upholstery layer. You can pull up your defined upholstery layer either by typing the Code/ Tag or Specification Name.

Once the defined upholstery layer is assigned to the furniture item it will carry with it all of the specification details you previously input for the upholstery layer (rather than your having to re-input the specification details again, each time the upholstery is assigned to any furniture item).

How do I customize the display name of a specification or brand in my project?

On the Edit Specification Page, toggle ON the Customize Specification Display Info at the top right. You will see fields to edit the Specification Display Name, Brand Display Name, and Brand Display URL. Keep in mind that these changes will only customize the display information in this project and doesn’t affect or modify the original/source specification information.

Can I keep track of specification quantities by room or location?

Yes. Look to the "Edit" button beside the specification within the project. At the bottom of the page you will see a "+Rooms" button. You can define the Room Name and fill in a Quantity value. You can add an unlimited number of Rooms to any specification within a project.

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